Category Glossary

Below you will find general explanations for the categories I have assigned to the movies I review.  Many of the categories are very specific and easy to distinguish, while others are more general and may be made up by yours truly to classify a certain type of movie.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise:  Any movie involving characters from the original A Nightmare on Elm Street movie (i.e. Freddy Krueger etc.) or any movie that is a part of the franchise which originated in the mid-1980s.

Friday the 13th Franchise:  Any movie involving characters from the original Friday the 13th movie (i.e. Jason Voorhees, Pamela Voorhees, Tommy Jarvis etc.) or any movie that is a part of the slasher franchise which originated in the early 1980s.

Saw Franchise:

Adaptation:  A movie that is adapted from any written source (i.e.  short story, legend, book, novella, graphic novel, comic book etc.)

After Dark Horrorfest: Also known as “8 Films to Die For”, is an annual horror film festival featuring eight independent horror movies, all distributed by After Dark Films in the USA.

Alien:  A movie dealing with alien life forms.

Animation: An animated film, typically G-rated.

Apocalypse:  Any movie that involves the end of days (excluding movies where the end of the world is brought on by a zombie infestation).  Typically this movie will have a religious subtext or biblical references.

Asian:  Movies from any of the following countries: Thailand, Japan, China, Korea etc.

Cannibal: Living human beings eating the flesh of fellow human beings.

Creature Feature:  A film in which animals run amok or some sort of unknown monster wrecks havoc.

Cult Classic:  A film that has developed a strong cult following despite the fact that the movie itself may not have been a blockbuster hit and may have been filmed on a limited budget with no-name actors.

Demon:  Films dealing with a supernatural being, typically manifested as a malevolent spirit, that wrecks havoc on people’s lives.


Found Footage: Movies that are comprised of, or primarily contain, video footage that was found to contain some horrific event or is evidence of paranormal activity.

Ghosts:  Films which involve disembodied spirits which are typically malicious.

Haunted Houses:  Any movie in which a building structure (house, apartment, hospital, school, etc.) is inhabited by a ghost, or in which the building itself is possessed by some sort of demon or supernatural force.

Holiday Fun:  A movie that revolves around a specific holiday or calenday event (i.e. Valentine’s Day. Christmas, Halloween, Easter, April Fool’s Day, Daylight Savings Time Ends Day… etc. etc… I think you get the drift).

In Association with Michael Bay:  Director/Producer/Douchebag Michael Bay is the antichrist as far as I am concerned.  I am extremely biased and hold many negative views towards the quality of his film-making, his directorial “skills”, and his capabilities as a human being in general.  While I will agree that he has produced a small handful of “decent” films, he has, for the most part, destroyed many classic horror movies and horror franchises due to his constant need to remake any horror movie he ever heard of.  This category is reserved for movies that were directed, produced, or simply molested by the jackass known as Michael Bay.

Italian Gothic: A horror film made in Italy during the 1960s that employs various gothic elements such as haunted castles, ghosts, and a generally eerie atmosphere.  This genre is the predecessor to the genre of Italian films known as Giallo (circa 1970s – 1980s).

J-Horror: A horror movie made in Japan.  These films focus on psychological horrors and the buildup of tension and typically involve ghosts.

K-Horror: A horror movie made in Korea.  Unlike other Asian horror films, films in the K-Horror genre focus on the suffering and anguish of the characters in the film rather than gore.

Killer Kid:  A film where an elementary school age, or younger, kid is the main antagonist.  The kid also happens to either be downright or evil or a cold blooded killer.

Mad Scientist:  A film which has an evil scientist or a good scientist who has inadvertently fallen into evil as the main protagonist/antagonist.  These films deal with the scientist’s attempt to manipulate the natural world and fellow human beings.

Mockumentary: A film that employs many of the elements of a typical documentary (interviews, re-enactments of specific events, etc.) but is actually fake.

Mutants: A film in which the bad guys are the result of inbreeding gone horribly wrong or just some sort of genetic mutation.

Off Topic Banter: A classification I will use for any posts that are not actually reviews of horror movies.

Pandemic: A film dealing with an outbreak of a virus or disease.

Possession: Any film in which main characters are possessed by evil spirits or even the Devil.

Prequel: A movie that precedes another original movie.  Typically these movies make an attempt to explain characters or rationalize the plot of the original film that it precedes.

Psychopath: A movie with a character (or characters) who have psychological issues that causes them to torment others, usually in ways that employ some serious mind-fuckery.

Random Killer:  Random killer who kills people randomly.  Usually no explanation is given for why.

Remake:  An unfortunate blight upon the 21st century movie industry.  A film will be re-shot scene by scene with new actors in a modern setting or a film will be “re-imagined” by a different director as a sort of homage to the original or to introduce a new storyline or plot explanation.  Remakes may also include films that were originally made in a different country and then translated into English by some asshole like Michael Bay.

Remakequel:  A sequel or prequel to a remake that may not have originally had a sequel or prequel in the first place.  This term also applies to sequels or prequels of remakes that are in no way similar to the actual sequels or prequels of the original movie.  Typically these movies are unnecessary and lame.

Satanic Cult:


Slasher:  A genre of horror films typically involving a killer stalking, and killing a sequence of victims in a violent manner, often with a cutting tool (i.e. knife, razor blade, cleavers, shears, machete, dagger hatchet, axe, letter openers, hand saw etc.)

Stephen King:  A film that is adapted from a work by writer Stephen King.

Supernatural:  Occultism or scary religious beliefs will influence movies that fall under this category.  This category also applies to movies where the rules of nature are broken or there is just generally something “odd” going on.

Surrealistic:  Movies with abstract concepts.  This term also will be used for films in which there is a blur between fantasy and reality, and when there are characters who are experiencing a bizarre blending of the two.

Survival: Movies where the character(s) are put in a situation where they are forced to fight for their life, sort of in a “kill or be killed” kind of way.

Torture Porn:  A relatively new genre in which there is an emphasis on torturing people for pleasure, or merely for audience entertainment.  I know true horror fans find this word to be an abomination but I will use it to categorize films in which people torture other people just for kicks.

True Story!: Movies based on a true story or actual events.

Vacation:  A movie in which characters are on vacation when the horror kicks in.

Vampires: Self-explanatory.  Pretty much anything with bloodsuckers in it.

Video Game:  Movies based on video games or related to video games in any way.

Werewolves: Self-explanatory. *Howls*

Witch:  A movie with a man or woman who actively practises occultism or deals with magic.

Zombie:  Self-explanatory.  Anything involving dead coming back to life, or a virus or possession causing one to turn into a zombie-like creature.


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  1. Hi,

    Jared Lee Masters is a 26 year old director. This is his 6th feature; a cinematic loveletter to 80s slasher horror films…”Teacher’s Day.” A horror-comedy set for December 13th, 2013 release.

    The story involves a Napoleon Bonaparte obsessed high school educator, Ty Anderson, whose minor online communication with a teasing student finds him immediately terminated from school grounds, which snaps him into a psychotic killing spree, terrorizing his former female students at their slumber party.

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