Hi there!

Welcome to Fresh Cuts, my humble little blog where I review horror movies!  My name is Rosemarie, and I’m a girl that just can’t watch enough horror movies to satiate my ravenous appetite.  Good or bad, I love horror movies.

People often ask me about the horror movies I watch, since I am known to watch quite a few.  I get questions on whether ______ was good, whether the sequel to ______ is better than the original, whether the remake of ______ was worth checking out, etc.  Well Fresh Cuts helps address those questions, and more!

I started out by posting mini reviews on Flixster, but eventually I felt that a blog could be a more appropriate medium to share all my rantings and ravings with the general public… so I started one!  I’m still working on transferring all my old reviews from Flixster to this blog, but all reviews from around 2009 onwards should be complete and accessible to you for reading.

There isn’t really a theme to this blog.  I’m not watching one horror movie a day, focusing on a specific sub-genre or only watching movies from a certain decade.  This blog is more or less a place for me to review anything and everything that I watch, with the one rule being that it must be horror.  Occasionally, I may do a theme month where I focus on watching and reviewing specific movies, but for the most part Fresh Cuts is just a random assortment of reviews.

I like to think of my reviews as more of a discussion of the movie itself than an actual review, persay.  You may want to watch the movie before reading my review of it as many of my reviews contain spoilers.  Then again, if you don’t really mind some spoilers, or still plan on checking the movie out regardless of what I have to say about it, then read on!

Feel free to leave comments and criticisms or ask me questions if you have any.  I’m more than willing to participate in a discussion pertaining to horror movies.  Join me in singing the praises of movies you might find we both enjoy!  Stand up for the movies I tear apart!  I apologize in advance for any typos or spelling errors.  Should you encounter any, drop me a line and I will fix it up!

Thanks for reading!



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