4 comments on “A Nightmare on Elm Street

  1. Calm down. You dont see how stupid your acting. If you didnt like spending your money on it, its your own damn fault. they paid millions more making the movie and gave every bit of respect to the previous movies. and remember it is just a movie. Your taking this way too far. and it never even said he raped them. just tortured and hurt. Never sound anything about the kids turning him on. i think its a great movie. and your opinion is your own. But you shouldnt be going off about it like someone actually did get raped or killed. and remember, nobody cares about your life enough to know that your such a prick to bitch about loosing 13 dollars on a movie that didnt satisfy you. grow the fuck up

  2. i thought it was pretty good considering freddy was a pedo in the first movie they just didnt mention it alot or shove it in your face but besides besides besides it was a great film fuck you guy that did this reveiw fag

  3. You are very delusional in your understanding of the character of Freddy Krueger. Freddy Krueger was ALWAYS a child molester. He always enjoyed hurting children for sexual thrills. Wes Craven has spoken to how they were made to play it down in the original film, but most people get it! The new film actually took the original concept and laid it out very in your face, bare bones. Freddy tortured and molested several children. The parents find out and torch him. Then he returns years later to kill off the children he molested and find new victims. A lot of people did not like being reminded that their hero Freddy was a child rapist and murderer….but that is what he is, always has been and that is the point. He is supposed to repulse and frighten you. Also Micronaps are a real thing and you do hallucinate like that from lack of sleep. Plus Freddy’s Lair, was in a hidden chamber behind a hidden door. Maybe next time actually pay attention to the movie you are reviewing.

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