3 comments on “Pandorum

  1. ow when people say that Pandorum is a riff of The Descent, I ask “Jeff Long’s novel or Neil Marshall’s knock off of it?”. Seriously, carnivorous albinos that evolved from humans are archetypal creatures that have been around since 1895, ever heard of Morlocks? Its like saying Let Me In riffs Twilight because it deals with vampires. Many films are derivative especially science fiction, but many have still been considered good. Examples being such as classic Planet of the Apes which riffs Worlds Without End. Even the ones Pandorum has been compared to are derivative, such as Neil Marshall’s The Descent which premise has been called a knock-off of the well-received novel The Descent by Jeff Long since it was announced, a novel which is ironically derivative of the classic novel HG Wells’ The Time Machine (which has had two film adaptations). People seem to forget that Event Horizon by Paul W.S. Anderson who produced this film was criticized for being derivative of various works such The Shining, Solaris and of course Disney’s The Black Hole. Even the filmmakers of classic “Alien” admitted to being derivative of “It! The Terror from Outer Space!” and has been accused of being derivative of A.E.Van Vogt’s “Discord in Scarlet” which resulted in a lawsuit. This film has been criticized for being derivative of works that were almost or just as derivative *rolls eyes*. Point is its is not a film’s job to do that thing that has never been done before but to tell the story in their own way, becoming more than the sum of its parts with The Incredibles being a good example.

    She had a bitchy attitude because of condition she was in. That’s believable. I think you may have took the origin of the creatures out of context.


  2. Btw, the creatures EVOLVED from passengers who caught Pandorum that made them into cannibals, they were not the passengers themselves. That guy was not the only one that was effected and Bower was suffering from it from the start of the film.

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